We have several years of experience in web development. We build the websites by our own proprietary development tool (PHP and MySQL), and by WordPress respectively.

Whatever the market segment, there are grounds for supposing that there are already more dozens or even thousands of competing websites. It is not enough, therefore, merely to create a website with appropriate technologies. From an online perspective, your brand will only be successful if the product and the style of communicating differs significantly from that of your competitors.

Let’s break with routine, we need to dare be innovative and different. And let’s show your own character so that you can be really unique in the oceans of websites.

Companies that develop their products themselves, that are characterised primarily by innovation and creativity, need to reflect this approach and attitute with regard to the website, to the visual marketing and the content.

What we think makes a good website?

  • Aesthetic, clean design
  • Quality images and infographics
  • Concise, interesting and informative text
  • Responsivity
  • Videos embed in sliders
  • Blog (professional advice, interesting news)
  • Optimized website and links (from the aspect of Search Engine Optimization)
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