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Online marketing strategy

You’ll be successful only if everything you do goes according to a well-considered plan. This conclusion might be much more significant for online markets, which is actually our primary professional area.

Managing Facebook Pages

In Hungary, social media communications means, first and foremost Facebook, which has become part of everyday life. Facebook must be included int he marketing mix, because we cannot afford to ignore more than 5 millions of domestic users.

Campaigns & ads

Be it Facebook, Google or other channel, our in-depth and wide-ranging experience offers the best prospects of success. As official Google Partner we enjoy the full support of a Google key account manager.

Other social media platforms

Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr – we keep up with the constantly changing social media and we use these services as well.

Web development

We have several years of experience in web development. We build the websites by our own proprietary development tool (PHP and MySQL), and by WordPress respectively.

Application development

We are familiar with application development, whether it is a mobile (iOS and Android), a Facebook app or a website.

Consultancy & training

We are well aware that online marketing is often overly complex. We can help know your way around it, whether you need advice or specific knowledge.


Our company was founded in May 2010 with the aim of being an answer to the needs of our partners by bringing to bear our professional competence and experience to guide them in the jungle of social media.

Our social media team consists of a new idea man, a copywriter, a graphic designer, a programmer and a strategist.

Building and implementing a strategy, creating content and customer-driven approach by nature – these are just the very basics for any professional active in the field of social media.

In addition to a thorough knowledge of the clients’ needs, open-minded approach, understanding and implementing innovative methods are also basic requirements at our company.

We believe that, with clear objectives and precise communication, we can achieve anything we want. For this reason, we only provide our clients with services which we would welcome too.

Adrienn Tarcsay-Deák

Planning campaigns, creating websites, building communities, achieving goals, putting ideas into practice, self-improvement, growing: all of these thing mean creation, and we are the artists.

Dimitrij Ljasuk

Good results accompanied by smooth customer relationships. For our part we can help preserve this harmony by our openness, straightforwardness and positive attitude.

Viktória Villányi


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Burger King
Office Depot
Zamárdi Adventure Park

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